Engineered Turn-Key Solutions & Services

At Next industries, we understand that our customer's resources are finite and their time is valuable. It is because of this that we have put together a leading team of engineering experts to offer comprehensive turnkey engineering and training services to our partners. Our commitment is to make your teams, machines, and the facilities in which they work in more efficient and effective. Ultimately resulting in greater profits through an increase in productivity and time savings.

From vision to validation, Next Industries is here to work with our customers in meeting or exceeding expectations. We see past the one or two machine orders and pride ourselves on becoming lifelong partners to our customers, which ultimately results in them relying on our expert engineering services, along with the arsenal of industry-leading resources Next Industries has at our disposal to get their projects quote, realized and in production on time; every time!

Our team of innovative machining and manufacturing professionals are eager to evaluate your operation and machining processes in order to thoroughly understand your needs. We would then formulate our recommendations and the resources required to make your company more productive and profitable.

Services Offered

  • Facility Layout
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Equipment Utilization Studies
  • CNC Operator & Programming Training
  • Cycle Time Reduction through Process / Set-up Optimization
  • Work Holding, Part Load/Unload System Design & Integration


We understand our customers and the need to continually educate and develop skilled operators, programmers, and set-up personnel in order to stay efficient and productive in today's operations. Whether it's faster cycle time requirements or adapting the latest technology, our application team and tooling engineers are ready to help. We work closely with the machine tool builders we represent to provide adequate training to our customers and their team. Whether it's learning alternative ways to increase productivity on existing equipment, understanding control features on new vs existing machines, or programming techniques (Conversational or G-Code); our team is here to provide training support and give our customers the tools they need to set themselves apart from the competition.